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  1. Item Name - Dura-Jet-HPP-8000 / Bk / C / M / Y
    Generic Name - Pigment Ink For HP Printer Cartridge
    Part No - 20501
    Color - Bk / C / M / Y
    Specification - Pigment Inks For HP Officejet 8000, 8000, 8500, 8600, HP 940 and HP 950 cartridge
    Packing - 100gm, 1kg, 5kg, 20kg bulk packing
    For Printer - For HP Officejet Pro 8000, 8500 Printer
    For Cartridge - For HP 940 cartridge


  1. Water Proof Pigment Inks for wash resistant printing
  2. Excellent UV Fade resistance and ozone Resistance
  3. Jet black printing, excellent for documents
  4. Sharp and crisp Printing
  5. Good Shelf Life - 18 months storage stability
  6. Economy Printing


  1. Home and Office Printing
  2. Document Printing (laser printer type results)
  3. Photo Printing on Professional Photo Papers, Inkjet Matte Coated Papers 
  4. Presentation printing, project report printing, long-lasting prints


Dura-Jet Pigment Inks - Pigment Inks are made from ultra fine pigments to get water proof and uv resistant ink for durable printing. Our Pigment Inks are excellent in print sharpness, jetness, color depth / dentisty, clogg free Nozzles, decaptime, scratch resistance. 


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