Divulging into the benefits of CISS Epson

CISS which stands for Continuous ink supply system is a process of supplying liquid ink continuously to the printer. It is one of the latest technologies which have revolutionized the world of printing industry.

Broadly speaking, it comprises of many small tanks which are filled with various colored ink. These tanks are connected to the ink cartridges through tiny ducts and are situated just near the periphery. Once the tanks are filled with ink there is no need to keep a watch over the status of the ink cartridges. The ink tanks in CISS have a capacity of approximately 28 ink cartridges. Thus whenever ink cartridges are out of ink the system refills it automatically ensuring that it never goes dry. Moreover, there are about 8 different colored tanks in CISS which are already filled with 100ml ink for each color. Furthermore, these tanks are transparent which clearly indicates the time for replacement.

Several terms closely associated with continuous ink supply system are continuous flow system; bulk feed ink system, automatic refill system etc. All these systems indicate a high volume non-stop supply of ink to the tiny print-head. Consequently, a convenient and high-quality printing is attained.

If you run a business which requires printing in bulk then CISS is optimum printing solution for you. The other benefits include improved performance of your printer. Using conventional cartridges demands excessive replacement which alternatively needs regular maintenance and cleaning. This may hamper the performance level of the printer. With steady supply of ink CIS system helps to avoid repeated replacements giving way to long printing durations.

For students, professionals or photographers printing documents or pictures can be made efficient with CISS. With long lasting and better quality printing CISS proves to be a practical and conducive. Hence this affordable and cheap option is accessible to all printer users. Grasping the potential of CISS ,lot of manufacturers are supplying this mechanism with their latest printers like Epson CISS which has resulted in effective cost-cutting in printing.

Since number of cartridges used is less the amount of disposing packaging waste is limited which is eco-friendly. This way CISS enabled printers contributes in reduction of disposal of waste.

Some minor issues like airing in the print-head nozzles may arise which can be eliminated by maintaining the level print-heads and CISS tanks. The latest models of Epson CISS regulate the pressures internally resulting in accurate and nonstop ink flow.

Taking care of such minor problems, using a CISS can ensure a substantial increase in your endeavors. This one time investment can surely make a big difference in your printing experience.

Splashjet offers all new Super-Sub Dye Sublimation Inks

Splashjet is proud to introduce all new Super-Sub Dye Sublimation inks. The inks are designed and developed in India. Super-Sub inks deliver highly optimized color matching performance for all transfers. Exact color tones and graphic reproduction is specialty of Super-Sub series.

Splashjet Super-Sub inks are available for Large Format and Industrial printers. We offer specially developed Super-Sub inks for for DX 5 series print heads and DX 6 series print heads.

Super-Sub LFP series are characterized for consistency & jet-ability in highly demanding continuous production environment. Long print head life and clog free nozzles ensure maximum life & economy for your printer. Super-Sub inks offer excellent color matching for consistent and quality throughput.

Splashjet offers all new Super-Sub Dye Sublimation Inks


Special features of Super-Sub inks are

  • High Release Ratio
  • Vivid Color Transfers
  • Clog Free Nozzles
  • Wide Color Gamut
  • High Fade Resistance
  • Long Shelf Life
  • Real Skin Tones

Splashjet makes Super-Sub for specific printer models. This helps SuperSub inks deliver the best color performance for transfers.

SuperSub inks are offered in special formulations such as:

   Sr           Manufacturer               For       Product Series


Epson Desktop Printers

4 colors

Super-Sub SUQ-400


Epson Desktop Printers

6 colors

Super-Sub SUQ-600


  Epson / Mutoh/ Mimaki / Roland LFP

DX4 / DX5 series Print-heads

  Super-Sub SUQ-4880


Epson LFP

DX6 series Print-heads

  Super-Sub SUQ-7000

To know more about our products, mail us at info@splashjet.co.in .

Sublimation Printing – Dye Sublimation Ink Manufacturer

Dye Sublimation Ink are often used terribly simply to induce quality prints on cloths and arduous surfaces like mugs, plates etc. the method is extremely easy and matches a normal approach of obtaining printouts. but the important part begins once obtaining the print on sublimation paper.

The sublimation inkjet printing is gaining quality in digital textile printing; it replaced the traditional screen printing ideas and occupying the market with its advanced options and professionals. Sublimation ink and sublimation cartridges square measure provided for a restricted vary of Epson and Ricoh printers presently, thus it’s vital to fastidiously choose the ink, it ought to match the precise printing needs while not compromising quality of the image and printer mechanism.

What is Sublimation Printing Process?

Sublimation printing could be a terribly easy 2 to 3 step method that depends on sublimation ink, heat and pressure.  The spectacular purpose of this advanced technique of digital imaging is that it converts solid colors into vaporized state while not changing them to liquid, thus maintaining the image quality and giving output that appears similar to original object.

You may notice an enormous assortment of sublimation ink and sublimation cartridges providing you with finest quality digital and textile imaging. The sublimation printing brought a forceful amendment and revolution in digital and textile imaging trade.

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